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Welcome to Daniel's Hobbies. Where I share everything I do. Whether it is smoking bbq, fishing of kite

Latest Recipe

Pasta Salad

If you like a good tasty, zesty summer past salad. Try this recipe out. When my family and I tried it out, we loved it. Lots of zing, some cheese and some color, brings it all together

Fying High

Kite Flying

Flew kites the other day with my wife and kid. Havne't done that in a while. It was fun to throw up a kite, and see it soar. It was a perfect sunny day. The wind was brisk and cold, but it was cool. The kite was colorfull with 2 long tales.

We saw them at Wal-Mart as we headed to the checkout. My wife asked if we shoudl fly some kites when we get home. Luckily for us, we have a field in our backyard, that is typically breezy. It was wendy enough and we were able to fly them pretty easily. Or at least, I was able too. Seemed to be my kite flew a little easier.

Gamer's Log


Been playing some Fortnite with my daughter. Never played it, and was a little shocked that she wanted to play it. So I loaded up the PS5, hooked it up to the living room tv and off we went. We won a few games. I had never played before and was learning on the go. Figured out the weapons and shields.

At the time we started playing, they had the TMNT weapons available if you coudl get to them first. I was good with a few of hte weapons when I was able to find them. When playing, I felt they added a different level of game play which made it more enjoyable.

Daniels Hobbies